Media Update – October 9, 2003

3. Fetish, bondage group drops convention plan
4. Resort Sex Expo Canceled?
5. Bow Down to CineKink
6. Alternative Film Festival Alternatives blossom in the shadow of the NY Film Festival
7. Weird But True

3. Fetish, bondage group drops convention plan
4. Resort Sex Expo Canceled?
5. Bow Down to CineKink
6. Alternative Film Festival Alternatives blossom in the shadow of the NY Film Festival
7. Weird But True


NCSF is actively engaged in media advocacy regarding the Black Rose conference that was scheduled to be held in Ocean City. Please write a letter to the editor, using the sample below as a guide. If you are not from the local area, include the fact that Ocean City relies on tourists from other locations to contribute to the economy of their town.

Dear Editor,

In regards to your recent article on the Black Rose conference, this is a private event for adults only. The attendees are just like you–they are parents, friends, coworkers, and married couples. The attendees are participating in this educational conference to get safer sex information, and to learn more about themselves and their relationships. They are responsible, law-abiding citizens who have the right to privacy.


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Letters in the Baltimore Sun –,0,6096103.story?coll=bal-oped-headlines

Take tourist dollars to tolerant locales

I was troubled to read "Ocean City groups oppose fetish convention set for Nov." (Sept. 27). I thought Ocean City was a part of America, where citizens with alternative lifestyles were free to associate without fear of persecution or prejudice, but perhaps I was wrong [as the convention has been canceled]. Religious and political extremists have no right to tell people how we should live our lives. And I find it shocking and depressing that in the year 2003, self-righteous fanatics are still trying to stop peaceful gatherings of people with alternative lifestyles.

If a group of people want to rent an entire hotel and have a sadomasochism and leather convention, why should anyone else care? No laws are broken, and it's a private event. These are law-abiding adults who wish to engage in safe, consensual activities.

I thought that tolerance was a religious virtue. However, I now see intolerant holier-than-thou zealots trying to impose their morality on others. If they are so prejudiced that they can't accept alternative lifestyles, perhaps my tourism dollars are better spent in more tolerant locales.

Alan R. Levy
Linden, N.J.

Fetish group offends flavor of Ocean City

It was with great sorrow and anger that we read that a group that promotes sexual fetishes booked rooms at the Princess Royale and Carousel hotels in Ocean City ("Ocean City groups oppose fetish convention set for Nov.," Sept. 27). We're pleased to learn the convention has been canceled.

In our opinion, these hotels not only drastically lowered their standards but also left the gate open for other sordid groups to occupy a city that has always been thought of as a summer haven for families. We are part of that great "silent majority," but we realize that we must stand up and become more vocal if we want to protect what we hold dear.

Donald Quinn Barbara Quinn Woodlawn

Letters in the Maryland Coast Dispatch –

Be Prepared For Black Rose

This is in response to The Dispatch's Sept. 19 article "Sex Expo In Family Resort?" Maryland, D.C. and Virginia residents have good reason to question why a local hotel would allow Black Rose, a group that engages in sado-masochistic sexual torture, to hold a convention. Many don't know what goes on at these things. Read an eye-witness account of a previous Black Rose convention at: But prepare yourself.

Sado-masochism and bondage-dominance (SM/BD) conventions are fast becoming mainstream. A similar event held for the past six years in the Chicago area called Vicious Valentine boasted of a 30,000-square-foot dungeon. Dungeon rules warned participants to use a tarp under a bloody mess. Seminars and demonstrations, among others, included fisting, male genital torture, ritual scarification (cutting oneself with some meaning, I guess), and lectures on how to maintain your slave.

In 2002, 39-year-old Stephen Scott died from an overdose of a sex drug while attending International Mr. Leather, an SM/BD convention held every year in Chicago. Scott's two roommates were hospitalized, according to reports.

To name a few more, there's Oklahoma's Tribal Fire and Missouri's Beat Me in St. Louis. Get the picture?

Residents should ask the local hotel not to pander to perversion by accommodating this group of people that make up perhaps one percent of the nation's population. Tell them you represent the majority of people opposed to this lifestyle. Hotels will soon realize it's bad for business.

Kathy Valente
Lansing, Ill.
(The writer is the Illinois State Director of the Concerned Women for America.)

Many more letters to the editor can be found on:

Fetish, bondage group drops convention plan
By Chris Guy
Baltimore Sun
October 7, 2003

An organization promoting sadism, masochism and other sexual fetishes has canceled plans for a three-day convention in Ocean City, bowing to church, community and business groups worried about the resort's family image.

City Solicitor Guy R. Ayres III noted that nudity, whipping and other activity associated with S&M are not legal in establishments with liquor licenses in Ocean City. "This was brought to the attention of the Princess Royale, which relayed that to Black Rose," Ayres said. "Obviously, Princess Royale was concerned about its liquor license, and Black Rose wasn't aware of these restrictions."

Susan Wright, a spokeswoman for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, said the decision showed selective enforcement of liquor laws. "This is the same small community that welcomes a convention of bikers and other groups," said Wright, a self-described sadomasochist who handles news media inquiries for affiliated groups such as Black Rose. According to Wright, the event would have generated at least $250,000 for hotels and other beach businesses. [cont.]

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Resort Sex Expo Canceled?
By Benjamin L. Mook
Maryland Coast Dispatch
October 3, 2003

The future of a much-publicized convention celebrating bondage and sado-masochism slated for Ocean City next month seems very much in doubt this week over concerns of too much publicity and the potential of liquor license violations.

The law in question is part of the Maryland Code that relates to liquor license-holding establishments. Under the sub-section regarding nudity and sexual displays, licensed establishments are forbidden from allowing fondling or sexually touching others. The law also bans flagellation, or whipping, an activity often associated with sado-masochism.

"If they feel they're going to violate any laws, then they probably won't hold the convention," Tremellen said. "They're not going to break any laws. That's not the way they are." [cont.]

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Bow Down to CineKink
Film Threat
October 2, 2003

You like kink, we like kink, so this fest oughta be right up our…alley. A new and unique film festival, CineKink NYC, makes its debut on Thursday, October 9th, featuring a specially selected program of films and videos that explore and celebrate a wide diversity of alternative sexuality. In addition to screenings, plans for the event also include a short film competition, presentations, parties and a gala kick-off fundraiser.

Billing itself as "the really alternative film festival," the event will run October 9-12, 2003. Presented by CineKink, an organization dedicated to the recognition and encouragement of kink-positive depictions in film and television, topics touched upon will include S/M, leather and fetish, bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, roleplay, swinging, non-monogamy, polyamory and gender bending. With offerings drawn from both Hollywood and beyond, works presented at CineKink NYC will range from documentary to drama, camp comedy to porn – and everything in between.

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Alternative Film Festival Alternatives blossom in the shadow of the NY Film Festival
Time Out NY
October 10, 2003

While the New York Film Festival rages, a trio of alternative fests-Resfest, the Brooklyn Underground Film Festival, and CineKink NYC-will compete for cinephiles' attention. Each is fairly young, but the most exciting upstart looks to be Resfest, which will honor music-video icon Michel Gondry with a 25-work retrospective of his commercials and music videos for the likes of Björk and the White Stripes. The director's suitably flattered, though he'd like to invite some of the critics who sniped at his feature debut, Human Nature, at Cannes two years ago. "The feature-film world is very close-minded-they have very preconceived notions about music-video directors," says Gondry, whose second Charlie Kaufman-scripted feature, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, debuts in November. "I wish they could come and see all this work together-they'd see that we're not just people who do flashy things with lots of cuts." [cont.]

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Weird But True
By Todd Venezia
NY Post
October 4, 2003

Attention, leather lovers – Australia needs dominatrixes!

The country's legal sex industry says it's in desperate need of more spankers to handle the upcoming Rugby World Cup.

It seems S&M is not as popular Down Under as in England, which is sending a large contingent to the games.

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Feedback letters are an effective way to convey a positive image of alternate sexual practices such as SM, swinging, or polyamory. You can help to correct negative social myths and misconceptions about these types of practices. These letters help achieve the advocacy goals of the NCSF.

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