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The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom does media advocacy for the millions of Americans who suffer discrimination and persecution because of their interest in BDSM, fetishes, polyamory, and non-monogamy. Bigotry and discrimination are fed by media stereotypes and negative depictions. NCSF offers resources for both the media and group/individuals who would like to speak out.

NCSF offers Media Training on request which includes Interview Tips for speaking with the media, Crisis Management, and sample Sound Bites for BDSM, Polyamory and the Lifestyle. Please contact to set up a training.

2017 Media Report

By Susan Wright


It was the year of Wonder Woman, with her kinky and non-monogamous origins. Current television shows that feature non-monogamy include: House of Cards, Girls, I Love Dick, Orphan Black, Transparent and The Magicians. According to Google, the topic of polyamory saw a 130 per cent rise in search frequency in 2017 –


Susan Wright is the Director of the Media Outreach project, and gives interviews along with Judy Guerin and Keira Harris. The media team also includes our Twitter volunteer Rachel. Jaki creates our Media Update Digests every two weeks for broadcast to our mailing listt.


NCSF published 10 Guest Blogs in 2017 by experts in various fields, including 1 interview by Inara de Luna with an NCSF Kink Aware Professionals. One example of a Guest Blog was by NCSF’s IRR volunteer for poly child custody consultations, Benjamin Schenker, Esq:


NCSF released 1 Action Alert in 2017: EFF’s Call to Action about removing the safe-harbor in the CDA if content involves “sex trafficking” –



In 2017, NCSF gave 17 interviews to reporters from mainstream media to blogs and podcasts, compared to 19 in 2016. NCSF also received 10 mentions in articles without doing an interview with the media outlet.


Time Magazine did an article about our Joint Statement on Sex Addiction with the Center for Positive Sexuality and TASHRA – NCSF also received coverage by: BuzzFeed, Psychology Today, Bay Area Reporter, VICE, Fox News, Cosmopolitan, Broadly, Daily Beast, Huffington Post, Reason and Mic magazine.


Yearly interview stats:

2017 – 17 interviews
2016 – 19 interviews
2015 – 38 interviews
2014 – 32 interviews
2013 – 42 interviews
2012 – 63 interviews (Fifty Shades bump)

Media Updates

NCSF released 206 Media Updates total in 2017:

102 – Kink

81 – Polyamory

11 – Sex laws and public policy

6 – Sex work

6 – Sex addiction


The following are the stats on non-monogamy coverage from 2010-2017:

2010 – 16% positive (50 articles: 8 positive and 42 negative)

2011 – 30% positive (33 articles: 10 positive and 23 negative)

2012 – 62% positive (21 articles: 13 positive and 8 negative)

2013 – 81% positive (42 articles: 34 positive and 8 negative).          

2014 – 77% positive (53 articles: 40 positive and 13 negative)

2015 – 81% positive (64 articles: 52 positive and 12 negative)

2016 – 99% positive (80 articles: 79 positive and 1 negative)

2017 – 986 positive (80 articles: 77 positive and 3 negative)


Social Media

NCSF’s social media stats at the end of 2017:
NCSF mailing list: 6,528, up from 6,004
Facebook ( 4347 page likes, up from 3,682
Twitter ( 9,631 members, up from 8,804 followers
NCSF FetLife News ( 5,642 members, up from 4,798 members
NCSF Consent Counts ( ) 2,243 members, up from 1,727
Recursos NCSF en espanol ( 17 members, up from 9 members

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