10th Anniversary Historical Perspective

     See what NCSF‘s CP groups *really* think about NCSF….




By NCSF Coalition Partners across the nation



Compiled, edited and narrated by Mistress Lisa,

NCSF Outreach Committee Member & CP Rep for  L.A.D.s.


When asked to write an  article about NCSF over the past 10 years from the CP (Coalition Partner) Representatives’  perspective, it was only logical to share that honor with my fellow CP  Reps. There are currently 51 Coalition partner groups throughout the country. The intent of this article was not to prepare a graduate thesis;  therefore those that contributed understood that we would have to prune their  generous comments to avoid being redundant.  We are sharing important points that are  echoed by many so that all can know about NCSF and what it means to the various and  diverse groups throughout the country and the individuals that they represent.


We have compiled some of the many responses to a questionnaire distributed to our CP Reps. Only those that  generously consented to sharing them publicly, are being used. NCSF is very grateful to all the CP Reps for  their continued support of the NCSF Mission and to those who took the  time to offer their honest experience by participating in this 10th Anniversary  Historical Retrospective from the CP perspective.  We all learn from the experience of  those that have gone before us. Together we grow, find strength and achieve progress.


When asked to write her comments for this article, Susan  Wright (the founder of NCSF) shared  her vision regarding the governance of the organization and why she instituted  the concept of Coalition Partners. The balance of this article contains Susan Wright’s comments followed by  those of various and diverse CP Reps from around the  country. 

“NCSF was the first national advocacy organization for the BDSM subculture. Rather than appointing a board of individuals to set policy and run the group, we are made up of a national coalition. In order to be directly responsive to our constituents, we had to rely on a broad-based coalition of the educational and social groups that formed the foundation of our communities. So I made NCSF a coalition of these groups; they determine our strategy and goals because their groups consist of the people we serve. We rely on our Coalition Partners to spread the word about NCSF’s resources for community members, and to relay information to NCSF about the needs of the community”.

– Susan Wright, NCSF Founder

Why does your group  support NCSF?


“NCSF has provided support and assistance to groups, businesses and individuals being treated unfairly for their alternative sexual and/or relationship interests. They provide education to health care workers and law enforcement and others around the country and distribute educational material to those in our community”.

– caryl, Club X CP Rep, San Diego, CA *2001 –

“NCSF does critical work and advocacy in support of the interests of TES and its community.  They are better equipped to deal with some of the larger issues”.
– Mark Richards, The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) CP Rep, New York, NY *1997

“We are not a political or activist group, so we like that NCSF can do this work”.
– Lolita Wolf, Lesbian Sex Mafia CP Rep, New York, NY *2001

“NCSF is the only national organization that is committed to defending our rights. Our lifestyle is so poorly understood and misrepresented in the media. We cannot count on other organizations, including the ACLU and various Gay/Bi/Lesbian advocacy groups”.
– Gary McMillen, Society of Janus CP Rep, San Francisco, CA *1997

“NCSF  is an important part of the sex positive  community”.
– Allena Gabosch, The Center For Sex Positive Culture CP Rep, Seattle, WA

“NCSF is the only national organization providing incident response to individuals, businesses and organizations in the leather community. It is also the only group doing media work on our behalf”.
– Glenda Rider, FIST CP Rep, Baltimore, MD *1999

“NCSF is the best way for the diverse kink community to face the hostile aspects of our government and contend with those who wish to slander and negatively attack our lifestyle”.
– Daniel Kitchen, GMSMA CP Rep, New York, NY *1997

“NCSF is a central point for various individuals and organizations to unify, under the common goal of freedom to indulge in consensual alternative lifestyles and practices, sans persecution or prosecution. It provides validation, support, protection and information regarding our rights and how to protect them, when or if they are ever threatened”.
– Mistress Lisa, Los Angeles Dommes and subs (LADs) CP Rep, Los Angeles, CA

How has NCSF supported  your group and its members?


“NCSF supported our group during the San Diego Six court cases of 1999/2000. Once the press releases started getting sent all over the country by Club X, NCSF contacted our group and was able to help give advice on strategy with law enforcement and press releases. They also helped in vetting Club X and letting people all over know that, yes, this was a valid group with a valid problem that was deserving of help”.
– caryl, Club X CP Rep, San Diego, CA *2001

“NCSF’s advice and help were critical in successfully dealing with problems surrounding our 30th anniversary event (TES 30). It was key in successfully dealing with law enforcement and regulatory authorities at this and subsequent TES events”.
– Mark Richards, The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) CP Rep, New York, N.Y. *1997

“NCSF has supported Black BEAT since our inception by sending representatives to our events, providing us with informational material to give to our members and are always there if we have questions”.
– Ivolee, Black BEAT, Baltimore CP Rep, Maryland *2002


“We  have worked with Susan Wright on numerous press releases and strategies involving issues like overturning Cendant’s** (6,500 hotels)  “Controversial Guest” policy, writing the “Alternative Events” policy for  Marriott Corp** (2,900 properties) and Intercontinental  Hotels** (3,800 hotels).  NCSF also helped us with the cancellation of “Fetish in the Fall”  interviews on 20/20, Oprah, CNN, Fox News & other national news media, Raids  on “swing clubs” all across the country, creation of a LEOP (Legal Education  Opportunity Program) for swing clubs and much more”.
– Bob Hannaford, French Connection Events CP Rep, New Orleans, LA *2004

“NCSF came to the aid of our founder when her business was shut down by Baltimore City for zoning violations in 1998.  They were part of a successful team effort to get Play House reopened.  Members of our group have also availed themselves of KAP referral information”.
– Glenda Rider, FIST CP Rep, Baltimore, MD *1999

“NCSF has been there to support members of the BDSM, Leather and Fetish community in San Francisco.  The most recent example being the attempt by local “neighborhood activists” to interfere with the sale of the National Guard Armory Building to kink.com”.
– Gary McMillen, Society of Janus CP Rep, San Francisco, CA *1997

“Members use the NCSF for incident responses and also we’ve had NCSF reps do educational events for us”.
– Allena Gabosch, The Center For Sex Positive Culture CP Rep, Seattle, WA


What does NCSF mean to you, as a CP Rep?


“NCSF is an organization which can do the work necessary to keep us informed about the social and political events and opinions in our country as they relate to kink and other alternative sex practices.  It is also a group that is an agent for change and progress in the struggle for acceptance of who we are and how we love”.
– Glenda Rider, FIST CP Rep, Baltimore, MD *1999

“NCSF is a much needed resource that always points us in the right direction”.
–  Ivolee, Black BEAT CP Rep, Baltimore, Maryland *2002

“As we get further into what I see as a sex positive renaissance this country needs organizations like NCSF to be there as there will be pushback from the right for many more years to come.
– Allena Gabosch, The Center For Sex Positive Culture CP Rep, Seattle, WA

“NCSF offers the hope of a continued fight against sexual repression, anti sex laws, adoption of restrictive zoning and permit language and help with press releases, public awareness and media consultation”.
– Bob Hannaford, French Connection Events CP Rep, New Orleans, LA *2004

“NCSF means activism and advocacy  that both supplements and transcends the efforts of our individual organizations  in supporting the choices and lifestyles of consenting adults”.
– Mark  Richards, The Eulenspiegel Society (TES)  CP Rep, New  York, N.Y.

“NCSF gives us the ways and means to protect our members, programs, events and freedom to be who we area”.
– Master Z, Leather SINS, NFP CP Rep, Chicago, IL *2003

“NCSF provides the best opportunity for all of us from a diverse backgrounds to organize and fight together for our constitutional rights to free sexual expression”.

– Daniel Kitchen, GMSMA CP Rep, New York, NY *1997

“NCSF has provided me with the opportunity to meet and work with dozens of dedicated activists from around the country, to learn about some of the issues facing their communities, and to participate if finding solutions”.

– Gary McMillen, Society of Janus CP Rep, San Francisco, CA *1997



What do the CP Reps hope to see in the future for NCSF?


We had similar responses by many.  Some wanted NCSF to identify  specific legal issues and/or government policy that concern us and  then to have lobbyists work to effect changes in legislation to enable us  to achieve our goals. Everyone seemed to want to see a stronger  membership with more revenue, so we can have a full time staff for the organization’s operation and growth, since it is  fueled predominantly by volunteers. Some suggested  that_  NCSF _ (https://ncsfreedom.org/) have its own event. Many desire involvement  of more alternative  lifestyle advocacy groups and envision NCSF continuing  to be the first place people come for help.


In Summation

“NCSF has been essential to the progress, however small and hard won, that the BDSM, Leather and Fetish communities have made towards social acceptance in the last ten years.  It has also helped thousands of people deal with the challenges society has thrown at them, such as legal problems with zoning, child custody, assault, battery and kidnapping charges or social issues like job loss or being thrown out of their homes by a landlord who doesn’t like their lifestyle.  NCSF has always been willing to help with referrals, media assistance and moral support.  Given our country’s drift toward a more conservative environment over the last ten years I shudder to think where our people would be if NCSF hadn’t been doing this critical work on our behalf”.
– Glenda Rider, FIST CP Rep, Baltimore, MD *1999

*    The year that the organization joined NCSF
**   Corporations that own popular hotel chains

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