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NCSF is there when you need help, and now NCSF needs you. Join NCSF to keep our important programs alive: Media Outreach, Consent Counts, Educational Outreach Program (EOP), and Kink Aware Professionals (KAP).

NCSF operates through the financial contributions and volunteer efforts of people just like you. There are three levels of NCSF membership:

  1. Coalition Partners – our highest level of membership, CPs support NCSF through annual membership fees of $100/year, plus proceeds of an annual fundraiser for the benefit of NCSF – see a list of our Coalition Partners
  2. Supporting Members – individuals or organizations who support NCSF with an annual membership of $100/year – see a list of our Supporting Members
  3. Individual Members – individual constiuents who hold membership in NCSF and contribute $25/year in membership dues

Please select your membership level for initial membership or renewal below.

*Don’t want to become a Member but want to make a Donation? Go to our Donate page


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