SE02E07 – Give me FREEDOM and give me SEX! – Going deep on sexual freedom with the NCSF

Casual Swinger catches up on all the latest, a little HURRICANE named Dorian and some big news out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Susan Wright of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom joins us to discuss the state of sexual freedoms in America and how the NCSF is working to ensure those rights not only endure, but grow.

Banks Have the Power to Ruin Your Sex Life

“If women who are exploring their sexuality can’t find Skirt Club or any empowering content about sex on major platforms, we’re going to be living in an internet age straight out of some puritanical Handmaid’s Tale society,” Bradbury said. “If everything is shunted into corners of the internet where you have to know about it to access it, it only perpetuates the idea that this is something shameful.”

We’re excited to see so many national community organizations and partners at the Master/slave Conference 2019 – MsC this weekend!

We are surrounded by friends APEX – Arizona Power Exchange, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), Desert Dominion, Southwest Leatherconference and lots of others. But being so far from home someone forgot how to make a Fork!

I Got Into BDSM At 50 And Met My 30-Year-Old Boyfriend At A Dungeon V.V. Valentine Guest Writer Courtesy of V.V. Valentine A flogger is one “toy” that can be used during BDSM/kink play.

“It’s funny. For all the books read and spiritual awakenings had and indispensable life lessons learned previous to turning 50, exploring BDSM and the broader spectrum of kink these past four years has opened me up in ways I never imagined. I’m more adventurous and willing to try new things. …

Consent Signs

Download these Consent Signs to post on your social media and print out to put on the wall at your club or event. Choose the consent slogans that best fit your consent culture, and let everyone know what your standards of conduct are with eye-catching images. NCSF pulled these slogans …

How to Lobby

Click to download Tips on Meeting with Elected and Appointed Officials— It’s Easier Than You Think! Setting up and participating in meetings with an elected or appointed official is not difficult. In almost all cases, they will welcome meeting with people who can educate them and their staff about an …