State By State Assault Laws

Law citations dealing with consent, compiled by the NCSF Consent Counts Project 

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas 
CaliforniaColorado Connecticut Delaware 
Idaho Illinois Iowa Kansas 
KentuckyLouisiana Maine Maryland 
New HampshireNew JerseyNew MexicoNew York
N. CarolinaN. DakotaOhioOklahoma
OregonPennsylvaniaRhode IslandS. Carolina
S. DakotaTennesseeTexasUtah
VermontVirginiaWashingtonW. Virginia

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AL13A-6-20 (1st degree)13A-2-7 13A-1-2  
13A-6-21 (2nd degree)(physical injury, serious physical injury)
13A-6-22 (3rd degree) 
AK11.41.200 (1st degree) 11.81.900 (serious physical injury, reckless) 
11.41.210 (2nd degree)
11.41.220 (3rd degree)
11.41.250 (reckless endangerment)
AZ13-1203 Simple Assault   
13-12-4 Aggravated Assault
AR5-13-201 1st degree battery 5-1-102 definitions 
5-13-202 2nd degree battery
5-13-203 3rd degree battery
5-13-204 Aggravated assault
5-13-205 1st degree assault
5-13-206 2nd degree assault
5-13-207 3rd degree assault
CAPenal Code 241 Assault, Punishment Penal Code 7 Words and Phrases defined 
Penal Code 243 Battery, PunishmentPenal Code 240 Assault Defined
Penal Code 245 Assault with deadly weapon or force likely to produce great bodily injuryPenal Code 242 Battery Defined
CO18-3-202 (1st degree)   
18-3-203 (2nd degree)
18-3-204 (3rd degree)
18-3-208 (reckless endangerment)
CT53a-59 (1st degree) 53a-3 (serious physical injury, recklessly) 
53a-60 (2nd degree)
53a-61 (3rd degree)
53a-63 (reckless endangerment 1st degree)
53a-64 (reckless endangerment 2nd degree)
DE11 Del Code 611 (3rd degree)11 Del. Code 452 Consent of victim to inflictions of physical injury as defense11 Del Code 222 
11 Del Code 612 (2nd degree)
11 Del Code 613 (1st degree)
11 Del Code 603 (reckless endangering 2nd degree)
11 Del Code 604 (reckless endangering 1st degree)
DC22-404 (Assault) No definitions section in this particular subchapter – “Serious bodily injury” defined elsewhere 
22-404.01 (Aggravated Assault)
22-407 (threats of bodily harm)
FL784.011 Assault   
784.021 Aggravated Assault
784.03 Battery, Felony battery
784.045 Aggravated Battery
GA16-5-20 Simple Assault Definitions contained within the statutes 
16-5-23 Simple Battery
16-5-23.1 Battery
HI707-710 Assault 1st degree702-734 Consent to Bodily Injury707-700 definitions related to offenses against the person 
707-711 Assault 2nd degree
707-712 Assault 3rd degree
707-713 Reckless Endangering 1st degree
707-714 Reckless Endangering 2nd degree
ID18-902 Assault 18-101, 18-101A (both are “Definitions” sections) 
18-904 Battery18-901 “Assault”
18-906 Aggravated Assault18-903 “Battery”
18-908 Aggravated Battery18-905 “Aggravated Assault”
 18-907 “Aggravated Battery”
IL720 ILCS/21-1 Assault 720 ILCS 5/2 et seq. contains definitions – no good definitions of “serious bodily injury” 
720 ILCS/21-2 Aggravated Assault
720 ILCS/21-3 Battery
720 ILCS/21-4 Aggravated Battery
720 ILCS/21-5 Reckless Conduct
IN35-42-2-1 Battery 35-41-1-4 “Bodily Injury” 
35-42-2-1.5 Aggravated battery35-41-1-25 “Serious bodily injury”
35-42-2-2 Criminal recklessness 
IA708.1 Assault Defined 708.1 Assault Defined 
708.2 Penalties for Assault
KS21-3408 Assault21-3201 Criminal Intent21-3110 Definitions 
21-3410 Aggravated Assault21-3204 Guilt without criminal intent
KY508.010 (1st degree) 500.080 Definitions 
508.020 (2nd degree)
508.025 (3rd degree)
508.030 (4th degree)
508.060 (wanton endangerment 1st degree)
508.070 (wanton endangerment 2nd degree)
LA14:38 Simple Assault 14:2 definitions 
14:37 Aggravated Assault14:33 Battery Defined
 14:36 Assault Defined
METit. 17A Sec. 207 Assault Title 17A Sec. 2 (Bodily Injury, Serious Bodily Injury, Recklessly) 
17A sec. 208 Aggravated Assault
17A Sec. 211 Reckless Conduct
MD3-202 (1st degree)3-207 (dismissal possible if both victim and defendant agree)3-201 Definitions 
3-203 (2nd degree)3-209 defenses
3-204 reckless endangerment 
MACh. 265 sec. 13A Assault or Assault and Battery None direct, but analogous to ch. 265 sec. 13K 
MI750.81 Assault “Serious Injury” defined in the caselaw 
750.81a w/infliction of serious injury
MN609.221 (1st degree) 609.02 Definitions 
609-222 (2nd degree)
609-223 (3rd degree)
609-2231 (4th degree)
609.224 (5th degree)
MS97-3-7 Simple and Aggravated Assault   
MO565.050 (1st degree)565.08565.002 (Serious physical injury) 
565.060 (2nd degree)
565.070 (3rd degree)
MT45-5-201 Assault45-2-211 Consent as a Defense45-2-101 General definitions 
45-5-202 Aggravated Assault
45-5-207 Criminal Endangerment
45-5-208 Negligent Endangerment
NE28-308 (1st degree) 28-109 (Serious Bodily Injury) 
28-309 (2nd degree)
28-310 (3rd degree)
NV200.471 Assault, Definitions, Penalties   
200.481 Battery, Definitions, Penalties
NH631:1 (1st degree)626:6 Consent (similar to MPC)625:11 General definitions 
631:2 (2nd degree)
631:2-a (Simple assault)
631:3 Reckless Conduct
NJ2C:12-1 (Assault)2C:2-10 (Lifted from the MPC)2C:3-11 (bodily harm, serious bodily harm) 
2C:12-2 (reckless endangerment)
NM30-3-1 Assault 30-1-12 (Great Bodily Harm) 
30-3-2 Aggravated Assault
30-3-3 Assault with intent to commit violent felony
30-3-4 Battery
30-3-5 Aggravated Battery
NYPenal Law 120.00 (3rd degree) Penal Law 10.00 (Serious Physical Injury, 
Penal Law 120.05 (2nd degree)
Penal Law 120.10 (1st degree)
Penal Law 120.20 (Reckless Endangerment 2nd degree)
Penal Law 120.25 (Reckless Endangerment 1st degree)
NC14-32.4 (Assault inflicting serious injury, Strangulation) Definitions contained in the assault statutes 
14-33 (Misdemeanor assults, batteries, affrays)
ND12.1-17-01 Simple Assault12.1-17-08 Consent as a Defense (very similar to MPC)12.1-01-04 General Definitions 
12.1-17-01.1 Assault
12.1-17-02 Aggravated Assault
12.1-17-03 Reckless Endangering
OH2903.13 Assault2901.21 Requirements for Criminal Liability2901.01 
2903.11 Felonious Assault
2903.12 Aggravated Assault
2903.14 Negligent Assault
OK644 Assault and Battery 641 Assault 
645 Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon642 Battery
646 Aggravated Assault and battery 
647 Punishment for Aggravated Assault and Battery 
OR163.160 (4th degree) 161.015 Definitions 
163.165 (3rd degree)
163.175 (2nd degree)
163.185 (1st degree)
PA2701 Simple AssaultSeemingly allowed in the caselaw2301 Definitions 
2702 Aggravated Assault
2705 Reckless Endangerment
RI11-5-1 Assault with intent to commit felonies (incl. sodomy)   
11-5-2 Felony Assault
11-5-3 Simple Assault, Battery
SCNo statute?   
SD22-18-1 (Simple Assault) 22-1-2 (Serious bodily injury) 
22-18-1.1 (Aggravated Assault)
TN39-13-101 Assault39-13-104 Consent (very much like MPC)39-11-106 Definitions 
39-13-102 Aggravated Assault
39-13-103 Reckless Endangering
TXPenal Code 22.01 AssaultPenal Code 22.06 Consent as a defense to assaultive conductPenal Code 1.07 
Penal Code 22.02 Aggravated Assault
UT76-5-102 Assault76-5-104 Consensual Altercation76-1-601 Definitions 
76-5-103 Aggravated Assault
VT13 VSA 1023 Simple Assault 13 VSA 1021 Definitions 
13 VSA 1024 Aggravated Assault
13 VSA 1025 Recklessly endangering
VA18.2-57 Assault and Battery   
WA9A.36.011 (1st degree) 9A.04.110 (Bodily Harm, Great Bodily Harm) 
9A.36.021 (2nd degree)
9A.36.031 (3rd degree)
9A.36.041 (4th degree)
9A.36.050 (Reckless Endangerment)
WV61-2-9 Malicious or unlawful assault; assault; battery   
WI940.19 Battery, Substantial Battery, Aggravated Battery 939.22 Words and Phrases Defined 
940.23 Reckless Injury939.24 Criminal Recklessness
WY6-2-501 Simple Assault, Battery 6-1-104 (Bodily Injury, Serious Bodily Injury, Recklessly) 
6-2-502 Aggravated Assault, Battery
6-2-504 Reckless Endangering

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